Sharing is caring! game is a new strategic, tetris-style game, you start as a small block and grow by joining your player with other blocks. Everytime your blocks assemble into square, the size of that block is upgraded, and you become bigger! Try to build strategically so that you could eliminate other opponents. Good luck!


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Blockorio – NEW TETRIS is tetris version of .io game. Collect blocks and shape yourself and eat smaller from you. Use mouse and keyboard for playing. Blockor io or is online multiplayer browser-based new game in which you are control the block. At the beginning of your block is very small. Collect the other blocks, which will be attached to the main block and increase it. You can rotate your block as in Tetris, you can also shoot with small block, but the main block will decrease. Do not forget that a large block of destroying small. Enjoy and share with your friends and also try blockorio unblocked game at school.

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